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Our great partnership started on the 1st September 2015!

After many hours of  hard work and a lot of documents to be filled,  we finally have it: the partnership  in Erasmus + : Let`s Meet Together…

The partner group is amazing: from far south of Europe: Spain , then Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Norway in the north. The schools around Europe who want to work for 3 years!

The first meeting was in Poland – the coordinating country. All schools came on 15th  October to Częstochowa , to Zespół Szkół nr 2 to start the first part of  project: “ Let`s Meet Together... In our regions. The meeting finished on 21st October according to the schedule.

We had a great fun together while getting to know each other, working on the common glossary and learning different languages of partner countries. We are so different and so similar! All schools prepared some national dances and songs to be performed. We could dance and sing together.

There were also many hours of hard work. There were lessons for teachers with the usage of active training methods and some lessons for students to work on common products of the project and to get to know better. Later  the students had the possibility to  work manually making: candles, paper and clay sculptures.  

We also had the possibility to visit the regions and some important cities like Kraków and Warsaw. We had a tour guide with a quiz about Częstochowa, the host city.

On Monday we worked hard to show the partner groups our regions, schools and neighbourhood and to explain how we live and what is special about our  schools and towns. The schools showed their films and slideshows to learn about their countries. We learnt a lot. The teachers decided about details connected with the future work in the project and some precise dates of the next meetings.

On Tuesday the president of Częstochowa met the project group and respected our great work and cooperation. Finally the host families prepared the farewell dinner to show their hospitality.  We hope that all visitors were satisfied with the meeting.  WE had a lot of great memories and thousands of photos!

We will see soon at the videoconference on 26th November!


It was so nice to see the after- meeting- slideshows concerning the visit in Poland.

Especially it was a great fun because we visited the same places, did the same activities but our slideshows showed different aspects of the visitJ

On the 26th November 2015 we had the first international videoconference. We used skype. It was a great success. We could see and hear each other. The students answered some questions concerning the work on the slideshows and films about their cities and schools. They were well prepared and their opinions seemed to be thoughtful and precious for our cooperation. It was the evaluation of our project. This time we wanted to get to know students` point of view.

It was also very moving to see each other again. We feel that we miss each other!

Next videoconference within our project!

On 11th February 2016 we had the second possibility to meet via Internet during the international videoconference. All partner schools took part in the meeting. We were discussing the pros and cons of the project activities. We were trying to assess what the students like and don`t like about some products and tasks we are obliged to do. The students gave  funny answers to some questions and were well prepared to explain their point of view. For the Polish students it was nice to hear other partner schools` opinions about the meeting in Poland. They could learn a lot about that how their country was perceived by other European citizens.

What`s more,  it was surprising how the Valentine`s Day is differently assessed by our students from different project countries. Unfortunately, we couldn`t have the proper discussion because of some technical problems. Some countries didn`t have the correct vision of all partner schools and some schools weren’t` heard clearly which were a little confusing. The good point was that some of the students who were taking part in the videoconference ( from Spain, Norway and Poland) will meet again at the visit in Hungary in May. We are so excited about the meeting in Kiskunfélegyházi Móra Ferenc Gimnázium! “Let`s Meet Together… at music”,  this timeJ.

There are some photos below…

Before the Easter Time in our school the students had prepared a lot of projects connected with this holiday.  They had the choice in the form of telling about Easter Traditions in Poland. Most of them prepared the posters which showed the  Easter  Traditions  like  paining the eggs, Wet Monday or the basket full of food which the Polish carry to the church to be sacrified and to be eaten at Holy Saturday morning. We liked the posters a lot and the teachers prepared a special boards with the posters to be seen by  parents and other people who enter the main school corridor. Finally, some students decided to make some albums and slideshows  about Easter Traditions as well, so we have downloaded  them into the files of  e-twinning twin space. We  have also included the photos of the posters to be assessed by all partners.

Europe Day 2016

On the 23rd of May there took place the Europe Day in  Polish school. We started with the presentation of the slideshow and a film from the meeting in Hungary which took place from 8th to 16th May in Hungary within Erasmus + project: Let`s Meet Together…

The students and teachers ( S. Cyran and B. Żurawiecka ) who participated in the meeting described the visit, what they had done, what aspects of the project had been realized, what kind of activities  they had attended. The students explained that the main purpose of the meeting was : Music. They explained while showing the films and the slideshow that they had prepared a short performance with folk songs and dances and that all countries had similar performance to teach each other their  national cultures. They students and teachers were very satisfied with the meeting in Hungary. The next visit will be in Lithuania.

Polish students` essays after the meeting in Lithuania

Within the project Erasmus + “Let`s Meet Together… at the table”

Visit in Lithuania

On the 16th October 2016 we left from Czestochowa to Warsaw. Then we went by bus LuxExpress to Vilnius and from there to Druskininkai. Then we went to the houses of the families that we stayed at for the whole week.

 On the first day, the girls of our group with other students were at the bowling and the guys met at the home of one of them.

On the second day after classes there was an official welcome at the school. Then we visited Druskininkai.

On the third day, there were presentations about food and music in our and partner  countries. Hungarians treated us with some sweets.

On the fourth day of your stay in Lithuania we visited the Snow Arena and then there were lessons of mini golf. Then we organized a Lithuanian pyjama party.

The next day we had lessons in the Park Grutas.

On the sixth day we went to Vilnius and there we were preparing chocolate cakes and we were visiting the city. Then in the late evening, Lithuanians arranged a disco and a farewell party.

On the last day, after packing up, we went to the Aqua park. In the evening, we left the houses. Saying goodbye to our friends was very sad and we miss you very, very much

By: Kasia Sitarz & Karolina Weran

My impressions after the meeting in Lithuania

We came to Druskininkai at 10 a.m. on the first day ( 17th October 2016). It was Monday. Later, we spent some time with the family.

On the second day, on Tuesday, we participated in classes at school. We took part in the official welcoming. The students presented folk dances and they were playing instruments. In the afternoon, together with Lithuanians, we were visiting the city (it was a quiz). After finding all places, we went to our houses.

On Wednesday morning, we spent time in the classroom. Later, people from all countries presented traditional dishes for their country and music from other countries. In the evening, we took part in the lesson about salt.

On Thursday, we were also in the classrooms, attending the lessons. We were cooking traditional Lithuanian dishes, which became dinner for all of us. Later, we were creating a glossary of food. After this, we went to the Snow Arena, where there is an all year ski slope. At the end we were competing in the sports competitions.

On Friday, we had activities at school. After lessons, we had the meeting with the mayor of the city. After the meeting, we visited the museum of wood and Grutas Park - museum of communist sculptures.

On Saturday, we took part in a lesson about chocolate. Everyone was preparing cookies. After that, we went to Vilnius and we were sightseeing the city. I liked it very much. At the end of the day there was a farewell party with the families and a disco.

On Sunday, the last day, we were spending the whole day with families. About 6 p.m. we left to our houses in Częstochowa. 

Aleksandra Dawid, the first class of secondary school


Meeting at Lithuania 2016

On the 16th  of October, there was a trip to Lithuania. Polish group met in front of the shop near our  school at six o'clock pm  and we went by bus to Warsaw, then we went by LuxExpress to the capital city of Lithuania. Later we travelled to Druskieniki, to our Lithuanian friends . Finally, after 16 hours we went to their homes.

When Me and Mantas ate dinner, we went to the court to play football. When we finished, we went with Kacper and Davidos to the bowling alley.

The next day we went to school and we had some lessons. After these lessons Lithuanian students and teachers welcomed us and we had a trip around Druskienniki. Our Lithuanian friends showed us their town.

On the third day, we went to some lessons and then we had to show our projects about music in  other countries and about national traditional food. Later we went to the wood museum and the lesson about salt.

On the fourth day we had to cook something in the school kitchen. We cooked a chicken,  a soup, and  some cakes. When we finished we went to Snow Arena. Snow Arena is an all-year ski slope.

The next day we met the mayor of Druskielniki and we went to Grutas Park. This is a museum devoted to Stalin and to the Soviet.

On the sixth day we had a lesson about chocolate and we visisted Vilnus. In the afternoon we had a farewell party with the families.

On the seventh day we said goodbye to our Lithuanian friends and we came back to Poland. We miss our Lithuanian friendsJ

Mateusz Biernat the third class of secondary school and

 Kacper Blukacz the second class of secondary school


The presentation after the meeting in Lithuania within the project Erasmus +

On Friday 4th of November 2016 our students and teachers, who took part at the Learning/Teaching/Training Activities at Lithuania within the project Erasmus + “Let`s Meet Together….”, presented their slideshows about this meeting in front of all students and teachers of our school at the gym. The headmaster praised the students, who had taken part at the L/T/T activities for their abilities to communicate in English. He explained that the only way to have the conversation during the meeting was to speak English because all partner schools came from countries like Norway, Lithuania,  Turkey, Spain and Hungary and we could not speak their difficult languages. The only possible way of communication was to speak English. The headmaster urged all students and teachers  from the school to learn English and to involve in all project Erasmus + activities. Thus the students and teachers will be able to take part in the L/T/T activities within the project Erasmus + in the following years. Our students: Mateusz Biernat, Kacper Blukacz, Karolina Weran, Aleksandra Dawid I Katarzyna Sitarz told other students and teachers about the lessons and works they participated at the L/T/T activities. They told about the partner school in Lithuania, the city Druskiennikai, the products they prepared at the meeting and they explained what they had learnt. At the end the students showed their photo reportage about the chocolate production because they took part in the lesson about this topic.

Polish students` essays after the meeting in Norway

Within the project Erasmus + “Let`s Meet Together… at sport activities”

On 8th of May 2017 we went for school exchange to Norway. Together with me it was four students and three teachers. We spent there one week. We visited a lot of nice places and we met very nice people. I stayed at Seim’s family.

Monday: At 9:00 a.m. we had to be at school and at 12:55 p.m. we had flight to Sztokholm and there we had a change just we needed to wait five hours for next flight to Norway. We arrived at around 9 p.m. I met all family, we ate supper and I went to sleep because I was very tired.

Tuesday: I had to wake up  at 7.00 a.m. and we went to their school. The school is huge! Almost all day we stayed at school. We could see all building and take part in lessons. It was very interesting. Also we went to the swimming pool. The rest of the day I spent with Marie’s family.

Wednesday: At 8:00 a.m. there was a meeting in the canteen and at 9:00 a.m. we started to walk to the mountains. After we had barbecue and I tasted some new things. It wasn’t so good. It was quite long way to come down but we managed somehow. The rest of the day I spent with my fiend Sandra.

Thursday: At 8:30 a.m. we went to canoe. I liked it a lot. Later we went to the school to see sport presentations. After this we could go to the city. We had free time, I bought some souvenirs. Also we went to the Italian restaurant where we ordered a pizza. The evening I spent with Marie.

Friday: we met at 10:30 a.m. in the school and we went to the rope park ,,Hoyt og lavt”. It was great time just I was a bit scared because I have the fear of heights. Later at 7:00 p.m. we had farewell party in the school. I liked it very much.   

Saturday: On this day we went to one place where I could see beautiful waterfall. We went there by boat. It was very interesting because we stopped in many places and we could see the view from the window. To see a waterfall we had to walk a lot, but it was worth while because the area was wonderful. After that we came back to our stop. Later i met with my classmates and we went to another Norwegian girl Kristin. We spent there all evening.        

Sunday: I woke up at 4:00 a.m. because our flight was at 8 a.m. I thanked for everything and said goodbye to everyone. We flew straight to Kraków. From there we went to Częstochowa , where I met my family.       

All this time was very nice for me. I could check my English skills, I met a lot of interesting people and to be honest I didn’t want to come back.

Written by: Marta Królikowska

Meeting in Norway within Erasmus+ program

"Let's meet together"


On Monday we left from Czestochowa at 9 o'clock. We took the plane from Krakow to Stockholm at 12.55. From there at 19.15 we flew to Bergen. In the family we were at 21 and we had dinner. Next morning we had sports classes, lessons with students, "Healthy food" presentations, and at the end of the day we went to the pool. On the third day we spent the whole day on a fjord trip from Ulriken to Floyen which ended with grilling. The next morning we were swimming in kayaks around the school and playing basketball. After the presentation of "Sports in your country" we went to the Official Council of the Country at Vestland. We also had the videoconference. On Friday morning we were in the rope park and in the evening we had a farewell dinner at school. On the last day we were on a fjord cruise and explored to Rosenthal. When we returned home we had to pack because the next day at 07.55 we had to go to Poland. In our town we were at 12.00. I will miss my Norwegian friends and family a lot.

Aleksandra Skalik

Meeting in Norway within Erasmus+

"Let's meet together"


On Monday we left from Częstochowa at 9 o'clock. The plane from Krakow to Stockholm was at 13.00. From there at 19.20 we flew to Bergen. In the family we were at 21 and we ate dinner. Next morning we had sports classes, lessons with students, "Healthy food"  and  “ The greatest successes in Sport in Poland” presentations, and at the end of the day we went to the pool.  On the third day we spent the whole day on a fjord trip from Ulriken to Floyen which ended with a grilling. The next morning we were swimming in kayaks around the school and playing basketball. After the presentation of “ The greatest successes in Sport in my country” we went to the Official Council of the Country at Vestland. We also had videoconference. On Friday morning we were in the rope park and in the evening we had farewell dinner at school. On the last day we were on a fjord cruise and explored to Rosenthal. When we returned home we had to pack because the next day at 07.55 we had to go to Poland. In our town we were at 12.00. The meeting was amazing and we would like to come back to Norway one day!


Written by:

  Oskar Nabiałek

 Jakub Rabęda

The presentation after the meeting in Norway within the project Erasmus +

W poniedziałek 22 maja w naszej szkole obchodzony był Dzień Europy.  Uczniowie z klas starszych szkoły podstawowej i gimnazjum zaprezentowali ulubione utwory muzyki europejskiej w formie Mini Playback Show. Królowała muzyka hiszpańska i Alvaro Soler z Moniką Lewczuk.  Doskonale się bawiliśmy, ponieważ uczniowie przebrali się za ulubionych wykonawców w bardzo ciekawy sposób. Prezentacje były urozmaicone układami tanecznymi, które czasem były na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Po konkursie Mini Playback Show grupa uczniów, która uczestniczyła w wymianie międzynarodowej w ramach realizowanego w naszej szkole projektu Erasmus + „Let`s Meet Together” zaprezentowała pokaz slajdów z wizyty w szkole partnerskiej w Norwegii. Uczniowie bardzo ciekawie opowiedzieli o wizycie, czego się nauczyli i jakie wnioski wyciągnęli z pobyt w Bergen. Przede wszystkim zachęcali uczniów naszej szkoły do nauki języka angielskiego, który stanowi podstawę komunikacji podczas pobytu w szkołach partnerskich.  Uczniowie przybliżyli czego dotyczy projekt i zaprezentowali działania, które podejmowali podczas spotkania w Norwegii. Prezentacja bardzo podobała się uczniom naszej szkoły, ponieważ mieli możliwość poznać całkiem inny system edukacji i inny kraj z relacji swoich rówieśników.


On Monday 22nd of May 2017 in our school we celebrated the Day of Europe. The students of Primary and Secondary School showed their favourite pieces of European music in the form of Mini Playback Show. The most popular was the Spanish music, to be honest : Alvaro Soler and Monika Lewczuk. We had a great time because the students dressed up as their favourite singers in a very funny way. The songs interpretations were spiced up by the dance choreography at a very high level sometimes. After the competition of Mini Playback Show, the students who took part in the international exchange within the Erasmus + project “Let`s Meet Together…”realized in our school, showed the slideshow presentation of the meeting in the partner school in Norway. The students described the visit in a very interesting way and told us about their conclusions after their stay at Bergen.  First of all, they encouraged the students of our school to learn English whose knowledge is crucial to communicate during the partner school exchange. The students explained the idea of the project  and told about the activities participated in, during their stay in Norway. The school students liked the presentation very much because they could find out about a different system of education and another country from their peers` point of view.

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