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Second Meeting within the Project Erasmus +

Let`s Meet Together… at Music in Hungary   in Kiskunfélegyházi Móra Ferenc Gimnázium.

There took place the second meeting within our project. This time in Kiskunfélegyházi Móra Ferenc Gimnázium in Hungary. The leading topic was Music, however, we summed up the time between the October 2015 up to now.

We met on 8th or 9th ( depending on the country) in Budapest. Then we had an amazing possibility to visit the capital of Hungary. Thanks to Katy and her colleagues from school we saw the part of the city and now we have the idea of the Hungarian capital in a way. In the late evening we had the opportunity to be on the ship cruise on the Dunabe. The views were incredible and unforgettable.

The following day we visited some other most important Budapest sights and monuments and left for Kiskunfélegyháza. There the host families waited for us and took our students their homes.

On Wednesday we met the Kiskunfélegyházi Mayor in the Town Hall and we had the possibility to walk on the red carpet! ( to be honest the carpet was for the Japanese businessmen as the Mayor explained, nevertheless, it was so nice). Later we were at school and we met other teachers and the headmaster. For me , personally, it was so moving to meet all my old friends againJ

In the afternoon we were at Palinka Varos. We had the possibility there to make some creams, lipsticks and write with the bamboo sticks. Great experience!

On Thursday we took part in the lessons and worked on the project activities. The teachers and the students worked the whole day. The students presented their slideshows, films and other works to the audience. A great job done at all schools! We see that we are well prepared project partnership.

In the afternoon we had some crafts activities at school and we made flowers of the corn leaves, painted the pictures on the gypsum  and made some pottery. It was nice to see our students working eagerly with all these crafts.

On Friday we had the lessons at  Kiskunfélegyházi Móra Ferenc Gimnázium school and some music lessons at another school. Later the students presented their folk music performances. The schools prepared the students in the professional way. The students had national folk clothes and showed us the piece of their culture. Next there was the disco with the music prepared by the students of the project. The host families prepared the great farewell dinner. Finally, on Saturday the students had the family day and the teachers met together to work on the project.

It was so sad to say good bye on Sunday!

Let`s Meet Together soon … in Lithuania - at the table, this time!

The coordinator: Sylwia Cyran

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